for French Custard

   French Custard is fusing age-old practices with new-age flavors, scooping small batches made with French purist methods.

   Ready to go from pop-up to brick-and-mortar, French was ready for a new brand with packaging and signage to match. The question became: What will we do to garner immediate attention and love from the jump? By and large, the answer to that question came in the form of a mascot—Scoop.

   Scoop is the irreverent and friendly embodiment of flavor—and he gained a cult following in short order—sold-out merch, countless pictures, even tattoos. A big hit for a small shop. The rest of the brand supports Scoop in bold ways with a confidently small palette, textural macro photography, and a logotype that packs a punch—a concerted effort to brand with flavor.

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Brand Identity, Illustration, Packaging, Signage

Studio, Design Ranch
Direction, Nathaniel Cooper
Messaging, Ryan Sonderegger
Photography, Shannon Martens
Animation, Ezequiel Cincunegui