for Kansas City Art Institute

   Founded in 1885, the Kansas City Art Institute is a leader in art and design education set on shaping minds to challenge convention and create curiously.

   Ready to align purpose and brand, KCAI looked to captivate and inspire the next wave of creative minds. The aim was to celebrate the school's artists, designers, and creatives with a brand that honors their ideas and works while communicating KCAI's heartbeat—imagining what the world has yet to see.
   This led to a brand system that hinges on both the harmonization of student works and imagination. Contrary to the majority of brands, this visual language keys in on what cannot be seen, infusing imagination into the brand—a curious and disruptive device used across the landscape of communications.

   Post-launch, applications spiked by 54%, setting a new standard of opportunity for KCAI and its aspiring creatives.

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Brand Identity, Brand Strategy

Studio, DMH
Direction, Paul Diamond
Design, Isabelle Brown