for Otter

   Born from the belief that reliable, high-quality, safe childcare should be available to everyone, Otter makes childcare available around every corner—matching tip-top sitters with parents who could use a hand.

   Tasked with a top-down brand overhaul, our approach was to build a brand that meets parents and sitters where they're at, a brand that fills the kidcare gap with empathy and trustworthiness. Otter is aptly named based on the behavior of actual otters—natural caregivers with a playful nature. They use river rocks to care for and entertain their young. Inspired and intrigued, we ran with the idea of rocks alongside illustration as visual language that finds the balance between tones of playfulness and dependability.

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Brand Identity, Art Direction, Messaging

Studio, Shapemaker
Direction, Alexander Diner
Strategy, Gillian Grefe
Identity, Nathan Holthus
Illustration, Kenzi Quigg
Digital, Aaron Romero